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Seller Representation

Secure the best price for your property. RE/MAX Commercial offers unparalleled experience, strategy and market insight – whether you’re choosing the right asset class or making property modifications to improve the selling price, we’re your partners at every step.

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RE/MAX Commercial’s seller representation services are your strategic advantage in the competitive world of commercial real estate. Reach out to us today.

Seller Representation. Understanding your property

Understanding Your Property

Every property has its own unique story, driving its value and potential. Through a meticulous property assessment process, we ensure that each distinctive feature is highlighted. This is the bedrock upon which our sales strategies are built.

Seller Representation. Recommending improvements to maximize property value

Helping Maximize Your Property Value

To enhance your property’s market value before listing, we’ll highlight key improvements that can be made, from parking lot repairs to roof upgrades. These strategic upgrades position the property favourably in the eyes of discerning buyers, ensuring a competitive edge in the market.

Seller Representation. Leveraging strong contracts

Leveraging Strong Tenant Contracts

By leveraging long-term tenant contracts and synchronizing sales with peak tenant renewal periods, we enhance the appeal and value of properties. This methodical approach is designed to let sellers surpass their initially anticipated returns on a sale.

Seller Representation. When to sell your property

Deciding When To Sell Your Property

Timing is crucial in real estate sales. Leveraging key indicators and market trends, we provide sellers with timely advice, ensuring properties are sold at peak values. We advise you on everything from planning, to zoning and municipal use for the property, ensuring the timing is just right.

Partner With An Expert

Meet Kris McLaughlin

Clients have consistently benefited from Kris McLaughlin’s profound insights, strategies and dedication. With Kris and RE/MAX Commercial at the helm, sellers are assured of a streamlined and profitable selling experience.

About Kris

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Ranging from valuations to landlord representation, our commitment remains the same – excellence in every endeavor.

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Email: kris@commercialbc.com | Phone: 250.870.2165

Email: kris@commercialbc.com

Phone: 250.870.2165

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