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Investment & Developer Services

RE/MAX Commercial offers investors and developers a suite of services tailored to amplify returns and streamline projects, ensuring that every venture stands atop solid ground.

Commercial Real Estate Investment & Development Solutions

Kris McLaughlin has a proven track record in commercial real estate investment and development. Connect with RE/MAX Commercial today.

Investment and developer services. In-Depth Market Analysis

In-Depth Market Analysis

At RE/MAX Commercial, we redefine investment strategies by understanding you and your needs first. Armed with this personalized approach, we dive deep into market trends and data, ensuring your decisions are informed by the current real estate landscape.

Investment and developer services. Identifying property potential

Identifying Property Potential

Every property holds a distinct potential, waiting to be discovered. Our comprehensive data models go beyond a standard analysis, looking ahead at the horizon for growth opportunities, including land consolidation, as well as tax credits and incentives.

Investment and developer services. Relationship management

Relationship Management

Through our established connections with elected officials, neighbouring developments and other community members, RE/MAX Commercial’s dedicated team simplifies the process, offering clarity and solutions that help keep projects and transactions on track and compliant.

Marketing For Developers

Our marketing strategies employ innovative tools and platforms that showcase your projects in the best possible light, ensuring they resonate with the right audience, at the right time.

Property Marketing Services

Pre-Sale Leasing & Selling Programs

RE/MAX Commercial’s distinguished presale programs prioritize maximizing occupancy and returns, providing clients with a strategic advantage in the market before the official project unveiling. We’ll help you prioritize finding the right tenants, with rigorous screening to ensure reliability.

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Kris’s insights, amassed over years of local experience, have consistently elevated client portfolios and projects, solidifying RE/MAX Commercial’s reputation as the go-to for commercial real estate excellence.

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Dive deeper into RE/MAX Commercial’s expansive suite of services. Whether you need a valuation, buyer representation or landlord representation, our commitment to excellence remains a consistent promise.

Valuation & Advisory

Buyer Representation

Landlord Representation

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Email: kris@commercialbc.com

Phone: 250.870.2165

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