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Landlord Representation

At RE/MAX Commercial, we provide landlords with a comprehensive representation service, designed to position your property at the forefront of the market, ensuring it appeals to the right tenants. Our expertise helps maximize property value, tenant satisfaction and profit.

Commercial Real Estate Services For Landlords

In the competitive world of commercial real estate, landlords trust Kris McLaughlin for their commercial real estate services. Reach out now to start optimizing your property assets.

Landlord representation. Building property equity, financing, and reimbursements

Building Equity & Getting Financing

At RE/MAX Commercial, we provide guidance on when to pursue financing for property upgrades. Our expertise lies in pinpointing opportunities – from parking lot maintenance to HVAC operations – that can elevate your property’s value, as well as identifying cost-sharing opportunities with tenants.

Landlord Representation. Tenant placement and renewals

Tenant Placements & Renewals

Our dedicated approach to leasing ensures long-term tenant relationships, fostering stability and consistent returns. Using market insights and a thorough tenant vetting process, we minimize vacancies and enhance property value by pairing the right tenants with the ideal lease terms.

Why Landlord Representation Is Right For You

The world of commercial real estate is complex and ever-evolving. RE/MAX Commercial’s landlord representation services offer clarity, strategy and a proven track record of success. Our experience and proactive approach have time and again proven to be transformative for property owners, while also ensuring tenant satisfaction and maximum returns.

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Meet Kris McLaughlin

With years of hands-on experience and an impeccable track record, Kris has consistently added value to landlord’s portfolios. His insights, strategic acumen and commitment to client satisfaction make RE/MAX Commercial the first choice for landlords in British Columbia.

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From valuations to buyer representation, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering across every aspect of commercial real estate.

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Email: kris@commercialbc.com

Phone: 250.870.2165

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